Earthworks & Earthmoving

Before any landscaping project can begin there is often earthworks and earthmoving that needs to be completed. Earthworks form the base for your new landscaping and it’s important that it’s done correctly. The team at Turf It can assist with all earthworks and earthmoving to help create that perfect foundation before your landscaping project begins.

Site Earthworks

Clearing & Levelling
Whether you have just built your home or looking at re-doing your gardens starting with a cleared and levelled canvas will help set the foundation for a great looking garden. Our fleet of bobcats, dingos and excavators are tough enough for even the largest jobs but compact enough for sites with narrow access.
The team at Turf It will first assess your site to establish what growth needs to be removed as well as the quality of soil as more often than not a few layers of topsoil will help your garden stay healthy for years to come. We will also check for any large root systems, pipes or cable that may become a hazard down the track. All of this combined will give you the perfect start ready for your project to begin.

Removal of Structures

Getting ready
As part of our earthworks and earth moving we might need to remove existing structures. These structures are normally decking, grassed, concrete and paved areas that are going to be re-done or don’t form part of your new landscape.
We take care when removing any structures to ensure the safety of our clients, their property and our team.  All building rubble or waste is cleared from your site following regulations and in a lawful manner.

New Level of Landscaping

Elevations for that WOW effect
Gone are the days of the 1/4 acre block that’s perfectly flat with the house at the front and a large backyard. These days the modern home is built on small blocks with significantly reduced garden space.
If you are looking to create a WOW effect, elevations can be the way to achieve it! Our earthmoving team can help create different levels in your front or backyard which will complement and help stage your house.
Different elevations are a great idea for garden beds, patios, spas or even that feature space with a beautiful limestone retaining walls… The possibilities are endless.