Synthetic / Artificial Turf

There are many benefits to switching from natural to synthetic turf. Time and money are key. Our turf provides you with a soft, manicured lawn which stays lush and green all year round, water restrictions are a thing of the past with Synthetic turf. End the stress and worry about watering your lawn, no more wasted weekends mowing, fertilizing and maintaining the grass. Our Turf is child & pet friendly, allergy free and provides a great addition to your garden. It is perfect for use around pools, patios, verandahs and decking.

The synthetic fibres are manufactured with an advanced blend of polypropylene, it is extremely life-like, difficult to distinguish the difference between natural grass and our synthetic turf. You’ll have to look twice.

Turf It has a range of Synthetic turfs from FIFA approved & tested, sporting turf to putting green & a wide range of landscaping varieties. Our turfs are chemical & lead-free, UV stabilized & protected, pet-friendly with no discolouration or fading. They come in a range of colours, with a variety of different blade thicknesses, lengths and all the turfs are CSIRO approved.

We proudly supply & lay all our own synthetic turf at Turf It and unlike most other landscapers, we don’t use subcontractors.

Summer Synthetic Silver Synthetic Bronze Synthetic Multi-Sport Synthetic Putting Synthetic
Synthetic Summer Synthetic Silver Synthetic Bronze Synthetic Multi Sport Synthetic Putting Green